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sob i don't wanna be that way ;;

Sooo I'll end up going back and forth between this account and staticphrase .
If you get a friend request-- it's not a creeper.
Just me.

; w;

Some memes and what I've been up to

H-Haha... it's really been a while hasn't it? Don't know how many people exactly remember me from all this time... but hopefully I'll be able to start up a posting routine again. It'll probably help with the current situation anyhow.

What's been happening?Collapse )

MemeCollapse )

Haa... sorry I have been such a bad friend lately.. would that fall under my social problems too?

White Laced Tragedy

An official FST that I'm putting out in public. Oh my!
Haven't been around LJ much, still haven't checked my friends pages.
Mostly just in gekkoukan_stamp now, just for the matchmaker theme.
Me paired with Shinji? Oh la la.

Been busy with school stuff and other things. Playing Persona a lot too, aha.
Shinji is so badass. If he didn't die he'd be the one character I never took off my team.
Fucking Takaya.
I love Chidori, and this is hence a FST for her I've been spending my day off working on (aside from playing).

Song List PreviewCollapse )

I need to write the explenations and zip up a file with the songs. Oya, oya.
I'll probably get it done within the week.
I'm such an FST dork, and I haven't seen any around for Persona.
So I'll be making a couple franticly.
Sorry for the craptical cover, my paint skills are nil.
Aha ~


I can't believe how hectic high school has been.
I haven't even had a chance to write about it a month since it even started!

I am enjoying it though, so don't worry. It's very stressful, but worth it I believe.
Since I go to Cab Calloway School of the Arts as a major in Communication Arts we have a special class for our major added into our schedules ~
Mine goes-

P1. Physical Earth Science Honors
P2. Intro to Communication Arts
P3. Geometry Honors
P4. US History Honors
P5. French I
P6. English 9 Honors
P7. Health/PE

Actually this works a lot better with my temperment. At Stanton, my middle school, classes were an hour long at least, but we only get about forty minutes here. It might not seem like a big difference, but with the shorter classes, I don't have to sit and pay attention too long, something I have trouble with. It keeps me moving and attentive. It's a little hard to believe even, that I've been listening in class and actually trying to do the work. Everything is pretty easy, and the people are smart since I'm in all Honors, but the biggest issue I'm having is homework. I really need to start getting on that and finishing my make-up work. I've been absent a lot already from school, and it's causing some concern from my teachers, like my French (She's SO nice, I really like her. But when she asked me if I was doing okay I started tearing up. It's some kind of quirk I have, when people show all this real concern for me I get watery-eyed upish. Aha ~ It's annoying, but I can live.). They aren't mindless absences though, I've really been sick. The stress must be taking a toll on my immune system again, I think that's what happens. When someone has prolonged stress, it starts to wear down their immunity to illness, and I already know that my white blood cells are a little low from blood tests I've had done. But then the next time they'll be fine (So it has to be stress).

I'm excited for clubs though! Dad is trying to push me to do sports, but I kind of don't want to just because my stamina has been poor lately as well, and not to mention how exhausted I end up at the end of the day. Still, I know I'll be joining Amnesty International and hopefully the French Club too if my schedule pans out. We have a Manga Club that I went to once with my Charter friends (Anny, Ruyan, Tian, Menki, ect.), but if I'm being honest it wasn't very fun. There isn't a lot of structure, even though they try, and it doesn't feel like they have a real outline of what they want to do with the club. So I won't really go to that one. Since I didn't do clubs in middle school, I can't wait!

Everyone at Cab is so friendly, and the teachers are a lot of fun. I've made some friends already, and I get closer to more and more people ~ But the teachers are awesome! My Science teacher is insanely cool (He's also my homeroom), so he's my favorite. Science was always my least favorite subject, unless it was biology or something, but it's actually enjoyable the way he teaches it. Like I said before too, I also love my French teacher. She wants her students to have fun with the language, and she's very caring, but also knows how to keep the class under control. Comm. Arts teacher is possibly the only one I've had real problems with in my life. She's very brash and confident, so my sensitive emotions are unused to it. I hope things get better with her, since I have to have her the rest of the time I'm in Cab (She's the only Comm. Arts teacher for H.S.). Health might be my least favorite class out of all though, even though the teacher is actually the most popular with the students. We don't do anything in there, which is something that bugs me. He's just like one of the kids, and they talk a lot, and there are always students hanging out in his room. I'd like to get some actual work done, since all we really do is bookwork and some little projects.

It's weird though. In Middle School we didn't have any freedom, and in High School it's like they've let go of the reigns. We can do whatever we want at lunch, we can go to our lockers at any time... it feels good but different at the same time. Ah! I also need to email some of my middle school teachers to tell them how I'm doing!! They were so supportive of me, I really want to keep in contact! I'll have to try and do that later.

I'll try to get more time to spend around here and catch up on my friends page again! I'm sorry everyone on there!!!
A list of my LiveJournal Roleplay accounts to keep track of.

lovesongsgun --> Kagami Aika
staticneedles --> Kakimoto Chikusa
rankingprince --> Fuuta
kumichanwins --> Muroi Kumiko
bubblebird --> Yuriko
pridefulseaweed --> Kitagawa Haruo
poppingstar --> Unnamed


The first meme I promised to put down. @ ^@ THE REST WILL GET DONE SOON.

From steer2justice ~

If you're on my friends list, I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine... you're on my list, so I want to know you better!
Comment here and repost a blank one on your own journal.

O1. Do you think it's possible for a person to be "Broken" or "Sick"?
O2. Is our society really coming to accept pedophilia, just like we did homosexuality before?
O3. Are you interested in classical music?
O4. What's your favorite game?
O5. Do you wish we could meet face to face?
O6. Favorite flavor of Vitamin Water?
O7. Reccomend a movie for me?
O8. Have you seen The Dark Knight?
O9. What are your views about all that happened in the process of creation?
1O. Are you aware that you are really alive?
11. Ever seen a Satoshi Kon movie?
12. Infatuated with anyone right now?
13. Favorite type of weather?
14. Do you believe in purposes, or "special people"?
15. Have you ever just stood outside in the rain?
16. Are you happy when you recieve sympathy and compassion from others?
17. What would you do if we got lost together (probably because of me) in the woods?
18. Do you have good direction sense?
19. What is your worst physical fear?
2O. And your mental?
21. What is your ideal partner like, physically and/or mentally?
22. How often do you lie?
23. Ever have the strongest wish and need to just run without anyone around?
24. How would you react if we went to see a scary horror movie together?
25. Are nasal sprays fun?
26. Do you like children?
27. What offends you the absolute most?
28. Are you a sore loser?
29. Ever been confessed to?
3O. How much do you like meat?
31. Do we live in a "dollhouse"?
32. Is there such a thing as real "Justice"?
33. Do you yearn to travel?
34. Have you played Persona 3 yet?
35. Are the most perfect people the most imperfect of all?
36. Will you repost this so I can fill it out and do the same for you?

Sorry!! Promise to get the rest done soon!! I can't wait to read everyones answers though ~

Another quickie.

Nothing deep. Just an update.

  • School is great, everyone is nice and smart, but not the type of people you could have.. "deep" conversations with. So much for getting a realtionship, but I'll keep my spirits up! I shouldn't rush things.

  • I haven't been around LJ much. I'll reply to the rest of your posts steer2justice, tomorrow!! I (pinky) promise!

  • Been thinking about exchange programs again. Am I too scared to leave home, or worried that I'll become less important? It's such a conflicted situation...

  • I'll really try to be better. I don't mean to ignore my Friends Page, I'm just.. not very good at keeping track of people if my interest isn't constantly piqued.

  • Sick again. Joy.

  • Playing Persona3 like mad still. I can't wait for 4 to come out in December.

  • Going to go lay down again... getting light-headed.


I really haven't been on in forever.
Mostly because my time is very occupied right now, so I'm extremely apologetic that I haven't checked out my Friends Page or commented in the longest time.
I honestly don't mean to.

Time-Consumer #1/3- Persona3
I play this game non-stop, aha. Or at least in the time I can spare for it. I only got it a couple days ago or so, and I'm at the second boss (Emporer&Emporess I think; pain in the asses they are 'cause I can't save before battling them). But I love this game to death. So, so much. Not as much as Rule of Rose or anything, but really close. Chidori is the one in my new default ~ She's so cute. Mitsuru as well. And Kenji! He's my brother from another mother, I'm always hanging out with him! Yuu (Main Character) is such a moron though, I train him night and day, studying constantly so he can get smart and date Mitsuru, but... sjflsdjfsf. My absolute favorite character would be Pharos. His voice-actor does him so well ~ I'll write a lot more on it later.

Time-Consumer #2/3- School
Auck, I need to do a full post on this. Tomorrow if I get the chance?

Time-Consumer #3/3- semiVITA

Damn, got to go.
Dad is nagging at me to get to bed for school.

Stopping in.

I really need to be finishing my homework instead, but I couldn't resist.
I honestly have to make a formal, real post soon. It's been forever, and I've got a bit on my cheast.
Need to find ten 'unique' facts about Shakespeare/his life/his family/ect. that other people in the class won't have.
... please tell me how that works.
My searching skills are near nil, so I'm practically hopeless in all aspects with this. How nice.
Finding some decent stuff. Hopefully everyone else is as wretched as myself ~ Haha!

Che- 11:35pm. I swear I'll do this tomorrow.
Not that I'm good at keeping promises...
But I'll try.

Started playing Persona3 too <3 It's amazing!
Though Rule of Rose still remains supreme when dealing with plot aspects, yes?


Guh. It's been a while, hasn't it?
I've been really preoccupied and not around LJ much at all.
Sorry guys, I'll still keep up.
Haven't responded to my Friends List, or even looked at it, in forever, so don't think I'm trying to diss (Lulz, slang) you!
I just don't want to start up something and take forever to reply.

A lot of... personal issues going on right now.
I've been talking with Boss about them, so that makes me feel a lot better ~
I don't think I'll write about them in here.
I don't want sympathy or anything, and I want to keep them... private.

Otherwise occupied with the roleplay.
Very fun <3
Aika, my OC, is basically rivals/arch-enemies with Bel.
She's mad at him for being so disrespectful to Dino, her Boss.

So yes, very fun. I'm enjoying it a lot.
Hopefully I'll find more time to spend around LJ.
School starts on Monday.
I'll officially be a high schooler.
Not that nervous, but extremely excited.
A lot of my friends are either in Charter (Our joint school that shares the same building, they have the top floor), or Cab with me (We have bottom).
Preparing my bag tomorrow, and then it's... school!
I haven't even finished my summer reading.
I'll wing it though.
Haha ~